GREAT NEWS!!!!!   

NOW Offering Two Classes each Week!!!

Thursday Class: 6:30-8:30 PM

Saturday Class: 10:30 AM – 12:30

 Classes held at:                   

Old School Martial Arts Dojo

634 West HWY 50

Clermont, Fl. 34711

 Private Classes available by appointment.

 (407) 375-6883

[email protected]


 Dojo fees

No Contracts!

  • First Month is – FREE
  • One class – $20.00
  • Monthly (Once a week) – $80.00
  • Monthly (Twice a week) -$95.00
  • $50.00 ZNTIR Membership Fee due Jan 1st

Additional discounts for: College Students, U.S. Military, Law Enforcement, and Family. 

Tameshigiri:  (Test Cutting)

(min. 2-3 months training)

Tatami Mats: (Cutting targets) $5.00 each

    What is needed:

  • A cutting sword is definitely not the first thing a student needs
  • People can start class with no equipment
  • We give people some time to see if this is something they really want to do before they commit to purchasing any equipment. 
  • Some students are on a tight budget and they need time to
  • pull together what they need, they can train with one of the dojo bokken in sweats until they can afford the equipment
  • You can use an Obi, Hakama, and Gi on day one unless you already own a uniform from another martial art, although we do put restrictions on what  uniform you can wear for class
  • It keeps people from getting inappropriate uniforms
  • You can probably use an Iaito after a few classes
  • Although,you do need to show that you are not a danger to yourself or other students
  •  Shinken are not allowed until you start tameshigiri, which is about 5- 6 months into training. Sword arts are inherently dangerous and we have to put safety first
 Here is the list of things you need and when you should get them:
1. Yourself!
2 . Obi -Week 2 to 4 — Some loaners are available
3. Hakama and Gi – Week 3 to 4 $149.95 and up
4 . Iaito-(practice sword) Week 6 to 8 $280 and up
5. Shinken (cutting sword) 3-5 months to never…
$300 and up
(shinken will be inspected by sensei first before used in class)
  • Standard Do Gi: $160.00
  • Imported Japanese blue denim Do-Gi: $250.00


  • Students should have a keiko gi top, obi (belt), and hakama after one month of starting class
  •  Students should have an iaito within 2 months of starting class
  • Women and girls should wear a plain T-shirt under their gi top
  • Your uniform should be put on after arrival to the dojo and removed before departing the dojo
  • Your uniform should be folded properly after class and should always be mended and clean


  • If you need extra stretching or warm-ups, do them before class begins
  • There is only ever one instructor teaching class. Don’t offer advice to your fellow students
  • Sempai will assist lower ranked belts in their training, but only upon the request of the instructor
  • Whenever the instructor is explaining or demonstrating all students should give him their full attention
  • Never contradict or attempt to correct the instructor, discuss such matters with sensei privately
  • No interrupting while the instructor is teaching in class. If you have a question, wait until the instructor is done speaking and raise your hand
  • Students should question what they do not understand but answers are not debatable
  •  * Students should not practice any technique that has not been formally taught to them by sensei
  • Respect other styles but practice your own. Knowing “a little of this” and “a little of that” usually ends up being “a lot of nothing.” If you practice more than one style or art, keep them separate

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